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At saltmangotree we get people. And keep that conversation positive and running. Our team of business junkies’ sows the seeds of well-researched data into the creative minefields of the artists at saltmangotree, which manifest as great story telling techniques for your brands in digital media.

We personalize

To us each client is unique. Innovation is our watchword in strategizing and design. All while keeping brand values and soul intact. Every word and every pixel we use to communicate is a distinguishable ROI to our clients. In a relationship, nothing you care as much as attention to small details.

We engage

We keep the talk rolling with people using imaginative mediums. Saltmangotree caters to this need with its own design and animation studios, video production facilities, technical departments, best creative tools, photographers, copy writers, data analysts and so on.

What makes us run!

Creativity is the religion at saltmangotree. And by principle we don’t do anything that is already done in the digital ad domain. This rule, we believe has earned us the name of out-of-box thinkers in digital branding.

Tasks are not in any way transformed into a mundane routine. Every single project is an opportunity we love to infuse fun into. Thus creativity and originality never take a back-seat. Ever.

Digital Media
Love to Work


Andrine Mendez // The guy who runs the show

Featured at National and International level for his fresh approach towards digital marketing and advertising, he won the Best Young Entrepreneur award from ASDF and ICCA in 2012.

Hiran Venugopalan // Mr. Mysterious

His interest in web technologies, media and social media drove him to his entrepreneurial debut, when he cofounded ‘indiavibes.tv’. They then went on to their second start-up ‘saltmangotree’.

Desmond Fernandez // The Visionary Chubaka

At first look- the long hair and the passion in his eyes
Work Funda- "Chillax, relax and its work done…”

SMT Life

Work Culture

There is no aimless drawing here. Each line is a story, each frame is a thought.


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731 Days : 2’nd year celebrations kicks off

731 Days : 2’nd year celebrations kicks off

State of Social Media in 2012: What they really don’t want you to know!

State of Social Media in 2012: What they really don’t want you to know!

Social media is now the buzzword in every marketing or advertising event. Even marketers who really have no or limited knowledge about digital flaunts their social media presence of their brand given they get an opportunity. Now, what are they flaunting? Its simple! The same thing they been flaunting for […]

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